Strength. Balance. Flexibility. Equanimity. Centering. Peace. Steadiness.

Why should anyone practice yoga?

I started to write this page with the title, "What Yoga Is," as if I could give some better explanation than the hundreds of thousands of yoga teachers who've gone before me.  I soon realized, the what doesn't matter half as much as the why.  So, the question begs to be asked, Why Yoga?

I want to get personal on this one.  Because why I practice yoga has a direct effect on how I practice yoga, and how I practice yoga has a direct effect on how I teach yoga. I could spout off all the acclaimed health benefits of yoga like any other RYT, but what really matters is why I practice.  Why I choose to wake up every morning at 4:45 and move my body and breathe and then sit down and quiet my mind.

The answer is simple: I feel different.

I feel different in my mind.  I am clearer in my thoughts.  I can stay focused on the task at hand.  I am more creative.  I have better memory.  When I do start to space out, I can bring myself back.  The practice of yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation has had an incredible impact on the way my mind functions.  The simple act of learning how to be present and stay present has changed my life from the inside out.

I feel different in my emotions.  I am steadier.  I am managing my anxiety and depression.  I am more fulfilled in my day to day life.  Applying breath techniques and addressing the emotional issues stuck in my physical body has brought an immense amount of freedom into my emotional life.  I am more loving and more patient, and because of that my life has blossomed in ways I never expected.

I feel different in my body.  I stand straighter.  I have more balance.  I am stronger.  I am more flexible.  I am a healthier weight.  I am capable of meeting the daily demands of my life with grace and ease, and that feeling alone is more than enough reason to sacrifice 40 minutes of my day each morning.  It's easy to get caught up in the "high-minded" ideals of what yoga can bring into your life, but the simple fact remains, we live our lives in our bodies and nowhere else. Our bodies are our temples and the way we relate to them impacts every other aspect of our lives.

If any of those things sound like something you want in your life, you should try yoga. And, if any of my story has resonated with you, I would love for you to try yoga with me.  Shoot me an email through my contact page and let's start a dialog.