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Queer. Contemplative. Dog-Mom. Yoga Teacher. Enneagram Coach. Star Wars Nerd.  

If you want to learn something, be a student. If you want to master something, be a teacher.

The Story

Abi first went to a yoga class in October 2013, but the real story started months earlier. Living in Denver and nurturing a budding music career, Abi watched as her entire life fell apart.  The end of a relationship, the loss of a job, a move halfway across the country, and the discovery of a newfound sexuality left Abi isolated, depressed, and emotionally and financially drained.  What she couldn't see at the time, though, was that she had been sent to this small town in Arkansas to have her life opened up and given new meaning. 

It was in this small town, the most unexpected of places, that Abi first experienced Baptiste-style, heated, Power Vinyasa at New Tribe Yoga in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  At the end of class, drenched in sweat, exhausted, and already sore from the workout, she collapsed her body into svasana and thought to herself, "I guess this is what I do now."  Previously averse to all things yoga, something shifted as she stared up at the spiral pattern painted on the ceiling.  

Abi dove into the practice and studied the philosophy of Yoga with a passion that bordered on obsession.  Through the teachings and practice of Yoga Abi found not only the tools and understanding needed to make radical, positive change in her life, but also a support system and community of friends who quickly became family.  While most people noticed the physical changes, the loss of 35 pounds, increased strength and flexibility, the biggest changes were on the inside.  There was a light at the end of the tunnel of severe depression and anxiety.  Friendships and relationships increased and improved.  Suddenly she was more than just happy, she was content.

With such a dramatic shift in her life, Abi was unsure how to proceed.  The life that had once felt like nothing but hard work with no reward was now filled with light.  Everything was new.  The possibilities were endless.  At the prompting of her instructor, Laurie McKinnon, Abi enrolled in teacher training with Teri Lynn Honeysuckle, founder of YogaGypsy Power Yoga University.  Now properly equipped, she began teaching and found a new depth in her practice.  As they say: if you want to learn something, be a student. If you want to master something, be a teacher.  

Now relocated to Austin, Texas, Abi teaches yoga classes at the Hays Communities Family YMCA, as well as private lessons and free community classes in her garage.  Abi's mission is to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible.  If you are interested in starting yoga, improving your personal practice, or would like more information about Abi, please visit the Contact page.

It’s called a yoga practice. Which means we’re practicing to improve our performance in some area. If yoga is the practice, Life is the performance.
— Abi Robins

Current Certifications

Abi Robins received her 200RYT with Yoga Alliance through Yoga Gypsy Power Yoga University, Springdale, AR in 2014, and is currently training with Yoga Yoga, Austin, TX to acquire her 500RYT and C-IAYT.

What People are saying

"Abi is one of those instructors that was born for this and truly has a gift. To practice with her is life changing and it's an honor to know her."  -Kerry R.

"I have loved every yoga class I've taken with Abi.  Not only does she know her stuff (she's very helpful in guiding through poses), she's able to craft a practice that is both challenging and enjoyable.  Highly recommend!"  -Matthias R.