Cheap PT? Talk Therapy? Private Yoga Class?

In January 2017 I started my educational journey to become a yoga therapist. As I am now venturing out into the world as a Yoga Therapist Intern, I get the question a lot: "What is yoga therapy?" Good question. To be very honest, I didn't know what yoga therapy was when I signed up for this training.  I had some ideas, but the longer I stayed in school, the more ideas I had to throw out.

While I don't believe this will be my final word on what Yoga Therapy is, I have a nice working definition at the moment. The first thing that jumps off the page at me is relationship. Yoga therapy won't be affective as a one-off or every once in a while sort of deal. Maybe the biggest part of my job as a yoga therapist to build a safe space for a relationship to grow. Yoga therapy takes a holistic approach to healing, and we can't do that if my clients aren't comfortable sharing their lives with me. Yoga therapy clients meet with me anywhere from twice a week to at least twice a month. This gives us time to get to know each other, build trust, and try on a few different practices. Yoga is powerful, so even seemingly minor adjustments to the practice we build could have a dramatic affect on a client's life. So regular contact is a must.

Yoga therapy is a completely different approach to dealing with life's challenges. Whether it's trauma, grief, physical pain, or emotional life transitions, yogic philosophy says that the different aspects of our systems are interconnected and a disturbance or dis-ease on one level can affect the entire system. Seems daunting, but the good news is positive changes to one level can also affect the entire system. So, that's what we impliment in yoga therapy. After some initial interviewing, we get a picture of what is happening in the system according to the pancamaya model. Then we use the tools of physical postures and movements, breath work, and meditation to bring all levels of the system back into balance.

It's important to remember that yoga therapy will only be as successful as the client makes it. The only person I can heal is myself, I am only a support for my clients on their journey to heal themselves. We develop a nourishing practice that the client can do daily as well as work through the blocks that keep them from living a balanced life in line with their truest purposes. None of this can be accomplished, though, without effort and dedication on the client's part. I can show you the way, but the decision to set out on the journey rest firmly in my clients' hands.

If you're ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime and bring balance and ease into your life in a real way, drop me a message on my contact page and let's see how we fit. If I'm not the right yoga therapist for you, don't fret, I can connect you with plenty of other options for knowledgeable and caring yoga therapists. I can speak confidently from my own journey, there is hope and there is healing.