The Enneagram is the map you need for your journey of spiritual and personal growth.

With all of the talk around the Enneagram these days, it seems like everyone is asking, “What is it?” And, “Why should I care?”

Well, let me tell you.

The Enneagram is more than simply the next fad in personality culture. It’s roots reach back thousands of years to ancient Sufi teachings and the Desert Mothers and Fathers of Christianity. It spans the globe from modern day Egypt, Israel, and Jordon to Turkey and Russia, and all the way to Chile and Argentina. It’s structure is grounded in sacred geometry and the very laws that govern the manifestation of the Universe. It proves itself to be a map of the Cosmos. But possibly the most impressive and powerful aspect of the Enneagram is it has proven itself to be an incredibly detailed map of the human personality.

The Enneagram marks out nine basic styles of  the human personality, an expression that influenced Dante’s The Divine Comedy and Homer’s Odyssey. Each personality archetype is determined by its patterned and habitual over or under use of each of the “Three Brains” or centers of a human, intellectual center, emotional center, and instinctual or moving center. (These are sometimes interpreted as head center, heart center, and gut or body center.) 

By naming how each Archetype thinks, feels, and acts in habitual and patterned reactivity, the Enneagram aids in nonjudgmental self-observation and in turn opens the door for true transformation. As we come to know our patterns and the shadows they protect us from, we learn to see, accept, and love all of who we are, and are given a chance to live a life full of meaning and possibility. 

I use the Enneagram with my private clients guiding them through the challenges presented by their types. I direct their yoga practice, using conscious movement, breath control, and meditation to directly influence the specific issues they are facing. If you’re interested in learning more about the Enneagram or looking for a more hands on approach to working with its insight and wisdom check out my website or book a free 20 minute consultaion with me today.

The majority of people who study the Enneagram are straight and cis gendered. I'm on a mission to queer the Enneagram and help my fellow outsiders find more meaning and fulfillment in their lives through the intimate self-understanding the Enneagram provides.

Are you a member of the LGBTQIA+ family? Do you know the Enneagram? Follow the link to take the Queer Enneagram Survey