These Hard Days

These hard days. The ones where you're full of anger. The ones you feel used and empty. The days where you don't know where to go next. The days you feel uprooted and insecure. The days you're depressed. The days that are so loud you can't hear your own inner voice. The days where grief comes out of the woodwork. The days when you're alone, isolated. The days you just don't have it. The days that leave you thinking, "no, not again." The days you thought you were past.

These hard days are important.  

These hard days show you were you really are on your journey. These hard days are sometimes the only things pointing and pushing you towards those days you really want. These hard days show you how far you've come. These hard days show you where there is still left to go.

Honor these days. Welcome them as best you can. Learn to look at them with love. Allow yourself to learn from them. This is no easy task, so give yourself grace, and as much love as you can muster. 

There is beauty in these hard days.